Artificial Grass for Pools


Artificial grass for pools that replaces harsh concrete is growing in popularity for many good reasons. The latest artificial grass products from Easigrass combines the luxurious look of freshly cut, healthy grass with a real-ness that’s never been found in a synthetic grass until now. The backyard pool is a great place to escape the South African heat in the summer and whether it’s the kids enjoying a swim after school, family visiting from out of town or neighbours dropping by, you can make that experience an even better one.


The use of artificial grass for pools and landscaping in general has become increasingly popular in South Africa. The reason is that artificial grass is ideally suited for climates with extreme temperatures. The heat we receive in South Africa can exceed 30℃ for several days in the summer and it really makes it hard to keep natural grass or anything around the pool alive and green. The grass turns brown unless you are adding copious amounts of water and chemicals to keep it barely alive.


Artificial grass is much easier and will save you money in the long run. In addition to requiring very little maintenance you can count on it looking great all the time while adding some valuable colour to your backyard pool area. Contact our friendly Easigrass installation team today to discuss and advise you on your unique requirements.

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