Maintain the Awesomeness

Look after your Easigrass and it will serve you well for many years.  Easigrass is your low maintenance option: no mess, no mowing and no water.

Book your maintenance package with your nearest Easigrass Partner to make sure your Easigrass remains as perfect as the day it was installed. Maintenance performed by an Easigrass team is also a crucial necessity to keep your Easigrass warranty.

We recommend a minimum of one visit every six months. If you have a special occasion coming up, we are happy to drop by for a brush-up to get your grass ready for any party or family celebration.

Step 1 – Easi-Blow: We start your garden’s maintenance by blowing all the waste matter and vegetation off the top of your lawn to one point where it is collected and disposed of. Now your grass is ready to be inspected and cleaned.

Step 2 – Easi-Inspection: We do a detailed inspection of the seam joints, edge fitting, yarn condition and the existing infill levels. We also look for any damaged areas such as burn marks or tears.

Step 3 – Easi-Intense Clean: All weeds are removed, and herbicide applied if needed. If you are a pet owner, we will sanitise your garden with EasiPong. You can also book a Deep Sanitation if required.

Step 4 – Easi-Brush: Your grass is given a good brush up to raise the pile once more. A silica sand infill is done before the hand-over. Your grass is now ready until your next maintenance in six months.