Easigrass™ Network

Easigrass Partner NetworkThe Easigrass™ Southern African Network is so large it covers most of South Africa, with full representation in Botswana and partnerships in  SADC countries.

As a measure of our strive to be the most professional within the artificial grass sector, we have worked hard to build the best and most highly qualified network in the industry. Our partners are well-established operators with great local reputations undertaking a very high standard of work.

The entire network is trained in-house to provide the best installation procedures in the industry. We handpick our network to ensure they have the right attitude to work and all can provide a fantastic customer service and experience.

This allows a customer anywhere in Southern Africa to have the same customer experience no matter where they go, which is one the many strengths of the Easigrass brand.

All of the partners have the famous and well recognised patented “Easi bug” (Grass covered small car) as their main method of transport and one that is the best marketing tools they possess.


As part of our marketing strength, our web presence is incredibly strong and many leads are generated through our active web presence and investment in SEO.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we design all our own products that allow us to give solutions for the full variety of customer requirements for their own individual needs whether it be gardens or any outdoor space.

If you are interested in taking an available area and joining the Easigrass™ family, please give our National Accounts Manager, Trigger a call on +27 (0)87 3510129 or alternatively, email sales@easigrass.co.za as we would love to speak to you about this fantastic opportunity.