Is a slippery surface keeping you from enjoying your pool? Sounds like someone needs some Easi-Paving! Our outdoor rubber tiles and pavers are the perfect alternative to standard tile and stone for outdoor decks, pools, patios, and playgrounds. So start enjoying your new patio, deck, pool, or playground with our outdoor rubber pavers.


1606-30-013-EVM-X3 CropThe Easi-Mat is perfect for sloped areas where creeping of conventional paving is a problem. This is a perfect solution for  driveways with an attractive decorative pattern. The unique interlocking system prevents weed growth and reinforces proper installation.

The Easi-Mat will not break since it is flexible, durable and easy to transport making it the perfect choice for rapid driveway installation.

Easi-Mat is available in 35 mm thickness with dimensions of 1012 mm x 1012 mm. The edges can be finished off with a specially designed Dog-Bone insert, specially manufactured for the Easi-Mat.


1607-04-015-EvM-Edit-X3Rubber pavers may not be among the most common paving materials used by contractors but this doesn’t mean that they lack some great benefits. In fact, these paving materials are superior to the more popular pavers like brick or natural stone.

These pavers are made from recycled rubber derived from truck tyres. This makes the product extremely durable as they can be bent and handled without cracking or breaking like conventional cement pavers. These pavers are available in 20 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm thickness. The paver size is 200 mm x 100 mm.

Easi-Bow Paver

rubber_paverThe classic rubber Dogbone pavers were one of the first shapes to be produced from recycled tyre rubber. Also known as the Bow Paver, this interlocking style can be adapted to nearly any type of application. The thicker products can be installed over any firm, flat subsurface such as concrete, asphalt or a compacted base. The use of adhesive is optional with the thicker pavers.

The pavers are slip-resistant and therefore the perfect choice for areas frequented by people such as playgrounds and pool decks. In essence, going for a rubber paved surface will prevent accidental slip and fall incidents from happening.

These pavers are available in 20 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm thickness. The bow paver size is 200 mm x 160 mm.


1607-01-032-EVM-Edit-X3Easi-Tile is water permeable, slip resistant, and impact absorbing providing a dry, comfortable surface for roof decks, patios, and playgrounds. Rubber is easy to clean and does not absorb bacteria. Any spillages can be easily wiped or hosed down leaving no permanent staining of the tiles.

Where safety is required, Easi-Paving is an ideal solution for paving around shopping centres, old age homes and areas where impact attenuation is a priority.

These pavers are available in 20 mm and 35 mm thickness. The tile size is 500 mm x 500 mm.

Easi-Paving Tile

1607-01-021-EVM-Edit-X3The versatility of recycled rubber tiles as flooring solutions is beyond question. This large tile has a patterned effect to simulate standard brick paving design. The benefit of this twin brick tile is that it can be installed in a fraction of the time taken to install standard paving. If cutting is required, this can easily be done with a sharp knife eliminating the need for noisy grinders and dust formation.

The perfect solution for equine areas, patios, gyms and workshops.

These pavers are available in 20 mm and 35 mm thickness. The tile size is 1000 mm x 1000 mm.