Easigrass™ Pour-In-Place

Easigrass™ having had success with artificial grass throughout South and Southern Africa are pleased to announce the promotion of “Pour-in-Place”, a versatile rubber flooring solution with endless possibilities. Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing is suitable for a wide variety of applications including pathways, playgrounds, pool surrounds, garden sheds, bakkie/truck load bins, stairs, and any other area that requires an attractive, impact absorbing, non-slip surface. It is porous, which makes it suitable for many landscaping uses such as around trees and gym equipment.

Wet-Pour     playground

Easigrass™ Pour-In-Place recycled rubber surface has numerous advantages including:

  • Use of local recycled tyre rubber
  • Environmentally responsible choice
  • Accessible surface to those with mobility challenges
  • Consistent shock attenuation to reduce injuries
  • Low maintenance, no raking or top up required
  • Promotes safety, does not decompose or blow away
  • Does not harbour insects or mold
  • Non-slip surface
  • Porous
  • Long term durability
  • Ideal application for curved and unusual configured sites
  • Aesthetically pleasing with choice of colours, custom designs and logos