Van Dyck Carpets

Founded in 1948

Van Dyck Carpets was founded in South Africa in 1948. Over the years, the company expanded its footprint in South Africa by developing and marketing soft floor coverings. In 2004, the company was bought by a Group of International Investors who embarked on the manufacture, sales and marketing of unique and innovate products.

With committed investment into manufacturing and diversification of products, Van Dyck Carpets decided to enter the artificial grass market in South & Southern Africa in 2012.

From the beginning, there was immense synergy with Easigrass™, a global brand, highly respected in the United Kingdom and Van Dyck Carpets, a leading player and pioneer in the flooring industry throughout Southern Africa.

Leaders in Sustainability

The vision of Van Dyck Carpets is to be a world-class supplier of artificial grass as defined by the customers we serve.

In 2015, Van Dyck Carpets became the only company in Africa to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon. Our commitment to minimising resource utilisation is adding momentum to the ongoing national drive to address South Africa’s water and energy challenges and help diminish the harmful effects of climate change. As an organisation, Van Dyck Carpets has reduced its green house gas emissions by 35% since 2012 and is on track to reduce these further by 10% during 2016.

Van Dyck Carpets