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Founded in 1989


Easigrass™ was founded in the UK by Jonathan Gallagher in 1989. For many years the business focused on the sports industry as demand for artificial grass grew. The products didn’t look natural enough for anyone to think about replacing their lawns with a synthetic product. Easigrass™ began research and development on innovative ways to create value for residential and commercial applications. The demand for leisure/landscaping artificial grass increased dramatically as Easigrass™ launched products. As a result of this increase in demand, Jonathan entered into the landscaping, leisure and commercial markets with elder brother Anthony to form what is now the award-winning Easigrass™ group of companies.

Easigrass™ Network


The Easigrass™ Southern African Network is so large it covers most of South Africa, with partnerships in SADC countries.


As a measure of our strive to be the most professional within the artificial grass sector, we have worked hard to build the best and most highly qualified network in the industry. Our partners are well-established operators with great local reputations undertaking a very high standard of work.


The entire network is trained in-house to provide the best installation procedures in the industry. We handpick our network to ensure they have the right attitude to work and all can provide a fantastic customer service and experience.


This allows a customer anywhere in Southern Africa to have the same customer experience no matter where they go, which is one the many strengths of the Easigrass™ brand.

All of the partners have the famous and well recognised patented “Easi bug” (Grass covered small car) as their main method of transport and one that is the best marketing tools they possess.


As part of our marketing strength, our web presence is incredibly strong and many leads are generated through our active web presence and investment in SEO.


As part of our commitment to excellence, we design all our own products that allow us to give solutions for the full variety of customer requirements for their own individual needs whether it be gardens or any outdoor space.


If you are interested in taking an available area and joining the Easigrass™ family, please call +27 31 020 2103, email sales@easigrass.co.za as we would love to speak to you about this fantastic opportunity.

Member of SALI


Easigrass™ is a member of SALI (South African Landscpaing Institite) a National Body that is represented in the Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. The client of a SALI Member is expected to gain high standards of workmanship, plants and materials and comply with the Code of Conduct.

Members of HTA, SDG, BALI and RIBA


Easigrass™ are proud to be closely linked and support all horticultural and gardening societies including the likes of the HTA (Horticultural Trade Association), SDG (The Society of Garden Designers), BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries), and RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects).

Worlds First Mud-free Music Festival


The summer of 2013 also saw the landmark launch of the world’s first “Mud-Free” music festival pioneered by Easigrass™, at Hard Rock Calling in London. A staggering 30,000 m2 install was completed within 52 hours by the London team ensuring that the revellers could ‘Hang up their Hunters…’ for good.

Rhino Turf


In 2010 Rhino Rugby and Easigrass™ Sport announced a joint venture to create the Rhino-Turf series of products to address the burgeoning market for football and rugby pitches. This partnership has been a great success as Rhino-Turf is now considered a market leader in the sports grass industry. Rhino-Turf have installed numerous fully accredited sports pitches worldwide, including installations for premiership football and rugby clubs.

Gold Medal Winner


The Gallagher brothers saw the opportunity to introduce a style of grass that would be the first to resemble real grass and Anthony was the first person in the UK to have a dead grass infill introduced into the artificial grass to greatly improve its aesthetic performance. Anthony was responsible for being the first person ever to get artificial grass onto a RHS Chelsea flower show judged garden in 2010.


Easigrass™ achieved the dizzy heights of a Silver Guilt, with their first show garden but unperturbed, Anthony returned again in 2012 where he achieved a Gold medal which is the highest accolade within the gardening world.


Easigrass™ are very proud to claim that they are the FIRST & ONLY artificial grass company to ever be awarded a gold medal from the Royal Horticultural Society.

The Most Advanced Artificial Grass


Easigrass™ has been researching, developing and designing artificial grass for over 30 years. Many of the commonplace features of artificial grass that you see today were pioneered by Easigrass™, for example the dead grass root zone. We are continually advancing our products and as a testament to our design team, our innovations are often copied by other leading artificial grass companies. Easigrass™ is continually pushing the boundaries of design and as a result, our incredibly natural products speak for themselves.

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