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Artificial Grass in Garden Route


Easigrass™  Garden Route is an official supplier and installer of Easigrass™ artificial grass products in the Garden Route area including Mossel Bay, Hartenbos, George, Sedgefield, Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. We offer a professional service through knowledgeable consultants, who review your needs and make cost effective recommendations and installation teams with training and experience in residential, industrial, commercial and sporting applications and maintenance.


As an owner-run business headed up by Eugene Botha we are a friendly and hard-working team who are passionate about turning gardens and spaces into beautiful and functional areas that create fun memories for you and your family.


Even though the area we service is the Garden Route, we are more than happy to put you in contact with one of the Easigrass™ experts in your area should you fall outside of our assigned area.



We are rated B-BBEE Level 2 with a procurement recognition of 125% and were awarded:

  • Best Marketing Award 2016
  • Highest Growth Award 2016
  • Highest Mayfair Sales Award 2016
  • Most Distinguished Project Award 2016


Recent initiatives have included promoting Easigrass™ in support of the “Water Saving Initiative” and the environmental benefits of not having to use fertilisers, weed killers and fuel in the maintenance of natural grass, especially for larger areas. In a developing, exciting and growing market segment, our vision is to become the artificial grass supplier of choice, sought out for our product quality and service delivery.


If you’d like to find out more about Easigrass™ Garden Route and how we can help give your outdoor space a makeover with artificial grass, get in touch with the Garden Route team today.

Visit the Official Easigrass™ Garden Route Website www.easigrassgardenroute.com

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Easigrass™ Most Awarded Artificial Grass Company

Gold Medal Winner

Easigrass is the one and only artificial grass company in the world to be a Gold Medal Winner and win best fresh garden award at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012. Our multi award-winning achievements prove our commitment to offer the finest quality grass available to our customers in South Africa.

Easigrass™ South Africa - 30+ Years Experience

30 Years' Experience

Easigrass have over 30 years’ experience supplying and installing the most advanced Artificial Grass on the market. It is this experience that ensures the high levels of quality and customer service you will receive during your order process with us.

Easigrass™ Supplies and Installs - 100% South African Design

100% SA Design

Easigrass supplies and installs a large selection of award-winning, natural looking artificial grass products that are all designed right here in South Africa. We are proud to support our local talent and resources.

Frequently asked questions

How much artifical grass will I need?

Every garden is different, but the average size of a domestic garden we install is between 50 and 60 square metres.

Does artificial grass fade?

No, not at all. It is fully UV protected, so it retains its lovely lush, green colour and we offer 8 year warranty against fading

Does it flatten?

Yes, if you have a lot of traffic running over the top of the artificial grass, it will crush and bend just like real grass, but if you want it upright, all you have to do is brush it against the pile to raise it back up again.

Are there different types of artificial grass?

Yes, we offer many different types of artificial grass. Whether you use your garden for sport, a children’s play area, or simply to relax and unwind, theres an Easigrass product to suit you.

Is Easigrass eco-friendly artificial grass?

Easigrass is committed to minimising negative impact upon the environment. Products are made from recycled matter and our Easibug and Twizzy team vehicles are all eco-respectful. For dry areas where water is at a premium, Easigrass helps communities conserve precious water sources.

Can I use artificial grass inside as well as outside?

Our artificial grass is fully adaptable to both use inside and out, both dry areas such as a living room or office and also within a damp bathroom environment.

Will the grass get hot in direct sunlight?

In periods of strong sustained sunlight the artificial grass, being a dark green man made product , will get hot. On the occasions when this may be encountered it’s just a simple case of wearing some soft shoes rather than bear feet. If lying on it you may well want to place a blanket on top first . For a quick cool you can give it a spray with cold water, although this will quickly evaporate.


Toddlers will find it uncomfortable when too hot so they will need to be kept on top of a blanket. The same heat can be experienced on a sunny beach when sand temperatures can rise rapidly when exposed to periods of strong sunlight. The grass is fully UV protected so it will not fade.

Where does the water go?

Easigrass is perforated so any excess water simply seeps through into the soil underneath.

What is artificial grass made from?

Our artificial grass is made from Polyurethane and Polyethylene.

How do I measure my garden?

Take measurements across the longest and widest points of your area. You will then need to round these measurements up to the nearest metre. Then multiply the width by the length and this will give you your square meterage requirement.

How long does it take to lay?

A 50 square metre garden can be laid in a single day.

Can I fit Easigrass turf myself?

We recommend that our artificial grass is installed by our professionally trained installation teams, which will ensure the highest quality.

Is artificial grass maintenance free?

Artificial grass will require professional cleaning, brushing and sweeping at least once a year. Other than that, all you need to do is keep it clear and rinse off any dirt or stains.

Does Easigrass impact upon The Wildlife Corridor

Easigrass stipulates that each and every installation needs to take place nearby to flora and fauna: a tree, shrubs, plants or pots. Specific products can be recommended upon request.

Is artificial grass safe for children to play on?

Easigrass is the safest and most rigorously tested artificial grass available to buy in South Africa today. Wet or dry, and at school or at home, Easigrass independently tested to EN:1177.2008 British Standards for impact attenuating playground surfacing, as well as tested in accordance with the HIC (Head Injury Criterion). - need SA info here?

What happens if my dog messes up my lawn?

If any pets mess up your artificial lawn, simply clear it up and wash it through with clean water in order to prevent any smells or stains occurring during dry periods.

How long does artificial grass last?

With regular maintenance, Easigrass can last between 15 and 20 years.

What about static?

A static charge coming from the grass is a very rare thing to encounter as it is a result of area conditions. It is not something we can see or detect prior to installation.


You may have felt it before when rubbing your feet along a piece of newly laid internal carpet then touching something earthed with your finger and hearing a little click and feeling a small shock sensation.


It is also something not to be too concerned about as in the majority of cases it will eventually go. It is never a problem in the winter months with rain fall ensuring everything is well earthed.


But gardens that have been installed in a static prone area can easily be treated with a mixture of fabric conditioner and water spread over the area in a standard water can with a perforated spout this increases the surface tension of the grass not allowing the static charge to effect anything.