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Balcony and Terrace Artificial Grass Installation


As part of the move to make the work environment less stressful, an increasing number of designers and architects have been using Easigrass™ artificial grass to create unique communal areas, such as office terrace gardens and commercial balconies. Our UV-stabilised range of multi award-winning artificial grass products, developed with 30 years of expert knowledge, can be fitted on any concrete, tarmac or decking surface to create a green garden space in any built up urban environment.


The exceptional adaptability of artificial grass makes it the perfect product for bringing any size or shape of rooftop, commercial balconies and office terrace gardens to life.


Our national installation teams are always open to any challenge and specialise in bespoke customer service to create the perfect green space, such as an office roof garden or an office terrace garden. Made with durable commercial-grade materials of the highest quality; Easigrass™ commercial garden artificial grass for balconies will enhance any size space and help create an environment that promotes productivity, creativity and enthusiasm in the workplace. Our advanced technology grass also ensures stability and excellent drainage for year-round use, with virtually no maintenance required.


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Artificial grass balcony installation in Cape Town

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