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Can Easigrass™ Artificial Grass Increase Your Home’s Value?

Your garden is the first and last thing you see when leaving your home, with a study suggesting that around 68% of homebuyers are influenced by landscape design. Additionally, a whopping 90% thought that having a beautiful garden increases property value. Whether you’re itching to sell your property or simply curious about how to increase your home’s value, having a well-manicured lawn is always a good investment.

However, not everyone has the time or resources to pour into maintaining natural grass. Countless weekends spent watering, mowing and spraying harmful pesticides may leave your natural grass lush and vibrant, but this time could be spent elsewhere.

This begs the question: does artificial grass have the same potential to increase your home’s value?

The simple answer is yes, but here’s a closer look at how installing artificial grass can influence the value of your home:

It Boosts Curb Appeal

The saying, never judge a book by its cover doesn’t apply in real estate. Curb appeal is a term used to describe the attractiveness of a property when a prospective buyer spots it from the sidewalk. A good curb appeal can significantly boost the value of your home, and having a well-landscaped garden is one way to achieve this. Installing Easigrass™ artificial lawn can improve this “appeal” and ensure your garden looks great regardless of the season. Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about your vibrant lawn fading, as all of our Easigrass™ products are UV resistant.

It’s Perfect For Families

There are many things that make a home, but having loved ones around is certainly at the top of the list. You can rest assured knowing that your little ones and fur babies have a safe surface to run around and play on. Unlike natural grass, which can be a tripping hazard and use harmful chemicals, synthetic turf requires zero chemicals to maintain its lush appearance and is installed on an even surface. For extra protection, Easigrass™ can install soft foam pads underneath your artificial lawn, providing a soft impact for any falls.

It’s an Affordable Alternative

When you implement a regular maintenance routine for your artificial grass, it can last for decades. Natural grass is extremely fickle and needs plenty of attention to remain green. This can cost you thousands and will not always guarantee you have the well-manicured lawn of your dreams. Installing synthetic turf offers a low-maintenance alternative that lowers maintenance and water costs, and reduces the use of pesticides. No mowing is required, and you’ll have a beautiful lawn all year round.

Reduce Time, Maintenance & Cost

Aside from being affordable, Easigrass™ artificial grass is cost-effective by significantly cutting the use of water to maintain your lawn. Installing artificial grass goes beyond boosting your home’s value with its aesthetically pleasing benefits but also appeals to homeowners thanks to its practical uses. Minimal effort is required to maintain your artificial turf. A quick brush, rinse or removal of debris is all you need to ensure your lawn remains in tip-top shape. To make things even easier, Easigrass™ offers a convenient maintenance service that takes care of everything, including debris removal, cleaning and brushing of your synthetic turf. You won’t have to lift a finger!

A Great Investment for Your Home

From improving your home’s appearance, saving time and money, to boosting the value of your property, installing fake grass is an excellent investment that will allow you to reap a range of financial and practical benefits.

Speak with one of our friendly Easigrass™ partners today to chat about which artificial grass suits your budget and home.