Easigrass helps to safe water in more ways than one

As our summer temperatures rise and record-breaking highs are reached year on year, together with an increase in population, water restrictions will increase. The Western Cape region is currently experiencing the challenges of a drought, which in turn give rise to creative solutions – both indoors and outdoors.

Kobus Buys, Easigrass Partner in Somerset West explains how Easigrass helps to curb water wastage: “Of course, having artificial grass means that there is no need to water your lawn which can substantially reduce water costs. Furthermore, garden owners need to also consider the fertilisers required to keep a lawn looking green and healthy. Through choosing an alternative to traditional lawn, you can limit dangerous pesticides and pollution caused by contaminated water carrying chemicals into the water system.

“Easigrass, installed by our trained teams, helps drainage and the return of water to the underground water system. Years’ of research and experience lead to the development of our installation process which promotes water drainage and assists in the maximum water to slowly seep through to the underground water systems.  The Easigrass double-backing will also reduce the evaporation from the soil.

“Easigrass promotes happy families and homes.  The best way for a weary brain to relax is to simply spend time outdoors. Increasingly our clients install Easigrass to regain that ‘green look’ in their gardens and to be able to spend more time outside.  Nobody wants to sit in a dreary, brown and muddy garden,” jokes Buys. “We can help you create an enjoyable space. A place where your kids, pets, family and friends can enjoy the fresh air and outdoors – without the muddy footprints being trampled into your home.

“At Easigrass we care for the environment and try our best to protect and preserve it. By replacing your lawn with Easigrass, made from recycled products and itself fully recyclable, you are doing your little bit for the environment.”

Easigrass Somerset West services the Somerset West, Strand, Stellenbosch and Overberg areas. Contact them for a free no-obligation quote on 021 200 1457 / somersetwest@easigrass.co.za.