Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is becoming ever popular amongst the South African population due to its low maintenance, its realistic look and its dream garden appeal. These are some of the frequently asked questions about artificial grass that we are often asked. Click on the FAQs below to find out more.

How much artificial grass will I need?

A. Every garden is different, but the average size of a domestic garden we install is between 50 and 60 square metres.

How do I measure my garden?

A. Take measurements across the longest and widest points of your area. You will then need to round these measurements up to the nearest metre. Then multiply the width by the length and this will give you your square meterage requirement.

Does artificial grass fade?

A. No, not at all. It is fully UV protected, so it retains its lovely lush, green colour and we offer 8-year warranty against fading. Perfect for the harsh South African climate.

How long does it take to lay?

A. A 50 square metre garden can be laid in a single day.

How long will Easigrass™ last for?

A. There are many factors which will determine the life span of your grass; the particular product, the application, how often it is used, what it is used for and if it is maintained properly etc. The normal life expectancy is 10 – 15 years. Sports installations which are continually used will have a shorter life span than a landscaped area that is occasionally walked on.

Does it flatten?

A. Yes, if you have a lot of traffic running over the top of the artificial grass, it will crush and bend just like real grass, but if you want it upright, all you have to do is brush it against the pile to raise it back up again.

Can I fit Easigrass™ turf myself?

A. We recommend that our artificial grass is installed by our professionally trained installation teams, which will ensure the highest quality.

How realistic is Easigrass™?

A. Easigrass™ is very realistic. From a distance it is often difficult to tell it apart from natural grass. Please request a sample or to view an installation to see for yourself.

Is artificial grass maintenance free?

A. Artificial grass will require professional cleaning, brushing and sweeping at least once a year. Other than that, all you need to do is keep it clean and rinse off any dirt or stains.

Is Easigrass eco-friendly artificial grass?

A. Easigrass is committed to minimising negative impact upon the environment. Products are made from recycled matter and our Easibug vehicles are all eco-respectful. For dry areas where water is at a premium, Easigrass helps communities conserve precious water sources.

Can you use Easigrass™ indoors?

A. Our artificial grass is fully adaptable to both use inside and out, both dry areas such as a living room or office and also within a damp bathroom environment.

Is Easigrass™ suitable for around a swimming pool?

A. Absolutely yes, Easigrass™ is perfect for swimming pool surrounds as it can withstand heavy usage whilst it is wet, unlike natural grass.

Is Easigrass™ artificial grass safe for children to play on?

A. Easigrass™  is the safest and most rigorously tested artificial grass available to buy in South Africa today. Wet or dry, and at school or at home, Easigrass™ has been tested for impact attenuating playground surfacing.

What if my dogs make a mess on my lawn?

A. If any pets make a mess on your artificial lawn, simply clear it up and wash it through with clean water in order to prevent any smells or stains occurring during dry periods.

Where does the water go?

A. Easigrass is perforated so any excess water simply seeps through into the soil underneath.

What is artificial grass made from?

A. Our artificial grass is made from Polyurethane and Polyethylene.

Will Easigrass™ burn my feet if I walk on it without any shoes on?

A. No, it will not burn your feet but just like decking or stone around a swimming pool it can become very warm when it is in the sun’s direct rays. As soon the sun’s rays have passed it will begin to cool down very quickly. Although it will never become as hot as sand on a beach or asphalt it is still advisable to wear shoes when walking on the grass in the heat of the day during the summer in South Africa.