Partner Opportunities

Partner Opportunities in South & Southern Africa

Easigrass™ South & Southern Africa


Just as it’s become less costly within the past five years to launch a hot new business in South Africa or out of your garage, so has it become more affordable to buy your own business and be your own boss. But unlike those garage-based entrepreneurs who start a venture with an idea and a prayer, joining the Easigrass™ Southern Africa network comes with a track record and a business plan to guide you along the way.


We’re looking for qualified people who want to own their own Easigrass™ network or even a chain of networks, and we have an exciting new, exclusive package for qualified candidates in the lucrative landscape and artificial grass industry.


Easigrass™ backs up its best-in-class products and services with unparalleled training and support that prepares a new network of owners not just on artificial grass installation but on successful business ownership, with marketing and operations guidance from the best in the business. It’s impossible to find a better opportunity.


We continue to grow because of the level of service we provide our customers. Backed by a state-of-the-art distribution system, dedicated corporate support, and the knowledge and talents of our team members, we look forward to upholding and advancing our tradition of service, solid corporate citizenship and success.



As one of the hottest new opportunities in South & Southern Africa, successful individuals like you choose Easigrass™ for business ownership because:


  • Exploding outdoor/landscape market driven by media reports of drought and escalating maintenance costs for gardens.
  • No national or International competitor with a business model that matches that of Easigrass™.
  • Well funded license holder poised for rapid growth nationwide.
  • Best name in the business and a highly memorable image…IT WORKS!
  • World-class customer marketing ensuring recurring revenue.
  • National call center support.
  • Partners are backed by dedicated training and support.
  • State-of-the-art customer service and back office management system.


If you are interested in taking an available area and joining the Easigrass™ family, please give our National Accounts Manager, Trigger a call on +27 (0)87 5509065 or alternatively, email as we would love to speak to you about this fantastic opportunity.