Squashing the Top Five Myths About Artificial Grass

There are many misconceptions about artificial grass, otherwise known as synthetic grass or turf.

And we’re here to squash those rumours!

While some people believe artificial grass is only used in sports facilities, others think artificial grass will lower their property value. These are the kind of rumours that make potential buyers (wrongfully) sceptical.

But don’t let these myths fool you.

Artificial grass is a safe, cost-effective and practical alternative to a traditional lawn. It’s also a great way to brighten up a dull surface, such as concrete.

Below is everything you need to know to make an informed decision before investing in an artificial landscape.

We’ve compiled six of the most common myths about artificial grass and will tell you how our product stacks up.

1. It looks fake

Installing artificial grass is not typically the first choice home, or business, owners consider when planning their green oasis.

But most people would actually be hard-pressed to tell the difference between artificial and natural grass.

Major advancements in technology have resulted in a quality, artificial product that replicates both the look and feel of natural grass, with resounding accuracy.

Anthony Gallagher, co-founder of Easigrass, was one of the first people to introduce dead grass infill into artificial grass to give the product a more authentic look.

A pioneer in the field of research and development, his design set a new standard of craftsmanship. Easigrass is the first, and only, artificial grass company to be awarded Gold by the Royal Horticultural Society at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

So whether you’re playing barefoot outside, or simply admiring the view, the soft touch and aesthetic of artificial grass are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

2. It’s expensive

This myth is bogus!

Artificial grass is a no-brain investment. The simplest reason: because it requires very little maintenance.

It’s much more cost-effective, particularly over the long term than a natural lawn.

And also available in a wide range of varieties to fit your budget.

You’ll save even more when you eliminate the added maintenance expenses required for natural grass. Mowing, watering, re-seeding and weeding can add up quickly.

You could save up to 70% of your water bill if you choose Easigrass artificial grass.

The average homeowner saves gallons of water per year, which makes artificial grass just as financially-savvy as it is environmentally-friendly.

3. It contains harmful chemicals

In its early years, around the late 1960’s, there was little done in the way of scientific research for artificial grass.

As advancements in the industry were made, the product was meticulously refined, and stringent health and safety standards were put into place.

Government regulations ensured harmful chemicals and toxins were banned.

But if you’re installing a low-quality product today, this can cause problems.

Ensure you select a reputable provider, with proven safety standards to ensure the health, safety and sustainability of yourself, and the environment.

Easigrass installs SALI-approved artificial landscapes in Southern Africa, and around the world. SALI, the South African Landscaping Institute, is the national body ensuring high standards of workmanship and materials, and compliance with the code of conduct.

Another added benefit of artificial grass: it prevents you from polluting your lawn, and the air, with the harmful chemicals found in weed killers and other fertilizers.

4. It fades quickly

A tough product is important for withstanding the wear and tear of high-impact sports such as soccer, rugby and field hockey.

And Easigrass provides turf for many professional sports leagues including FIFA, IRB and FIH.

Modern techniques ensure that the product is designed to last.

With a sophisticated installation process, your artificial landscape can last up to 20 years (and Easigrass offers up to a 10-year warranty).

5. My pet won’t like it

What’s better than a year-round green space for your pet?

In fact, your furry friend is much less likely dig up artificial grass.

Your lawn also won’t develop bare patches, from things like repeated activity and urine, in the same way, that natural grass does.

The draining system of the artificial lawn ensures that a pet’s urine is flushed out. As well, the product is engineered in a way that ensures it’s left odour-free and clean.

Making your space pet-friendly is one of the many benefits of an artificial landscape. Leisure, residential and commercial spaces can also be transformed, both inside and outside.

Artificial landscapes are a great way to promote green living, and enhance your space!

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