Preparing Your Garden For Winter

4 Benefits of Artificial Grass in Winter

Artificial grass boasts many year-round benefits under its belt, but it’s a real game-changer in the winter. Natural grass tends to go dormant in winter and undergoes a great deal of stress, even in areas that aren’t particularly cold. Plants start to die, the grass browns out, and it can develop dead spots. However, this isn’t a problem for artificial grass, which remains beautifully green and pristine throughout the year.

Here are the top 4 benefits of having artificial grass in winter and cold weather.

1. No mud, no mess

If you live in a winter rainfall area, then you will know all too well the problems of having never-ending wet, muddy lawns. With artificial grass installed, kids and dogs get to play outside in the garden on those lovely winter days without trailing muddy footprints inside, keeping your home cleaner.

Easigrass has excellent drainage with holes every 10cm. It drains more effectively compared to natural turf, so there’s no need to worry about those heavy downpours causing puddles. As a result, you have fewer worries about mould, mildew and mushrooms popping up on your lawn, too. This tends to be a problem when natural turf becomes waterlogged in areas with dense soil or where lawns have developed sunken areas over time.


2. No unsightly, dry yellow patches

Damaged grass and dead patches commonly occur even on the best lawns when winter’s poor growing conditions take their toll. Gauteng is infamous for its parched, yellow hay-like turf during the dry winter months. Artificial grass requires no watering or fertilisation, so it remains a vibrant shade of green throughout the year.


3. Minimal maintenance

Winterising your lawn will become a simple process with synthetic grass. What could be better than having a picture-perfect lawn that looks fantastic throughout the winter with you barely having to lift a finger? No raking, no reseeding, fertilising, and no other winter lawn preparations are needed, which means more valuable time for you to enjoy cosying up inside on the couch or with your family.


4. No frost damage

Although South Africa doesn’t have severe winters with freezing temperatures like other parts of the world do, some regions do drop below zero degrees and experience frost and even sometimes snow. With a high quality artificial grass like Easigrass, there is no need to worry about the discolouration effects that frost has on natural grass.


The ultimate solution

Replacing regular turf with durable, low-maintenance artificial grass in winter is a fantastic investment in keeping your garden permanently green all year round.

Easigrass’ range of multiple award-winning fake grass products looks and feels like the real thing, however it requires little to no maintenance and will completely transform the way your garden looks, not to mention save you a pretty penny in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Contact an Easigrass partner near you today for a free quote.