Creating a Cosy Outdoor Oasis with Easigrass™ This Winter

Creating a Cosy Outdoor Oasis with Easigrass™ This Winter

The winter months are made for cosy afternoons and evenings indoors, but sometimes you want to stretch your legs and go outside to prevent cabin fever. While hiking may be an option, you can always opt for something closer to home. Transforming your outdoor space into a cosy paradise is easy if you have the right tips, tricks, and artificial grass.

Thanks to its year-round benefits, artificial grass offers a lush and vibrant appearance during the colder months. This adds to the overall aesthetic of your garden, creating a space that is sure to wipe the winter blues away.

Here are four ways you can cosy up this winter:

Find The Perfect Artificial Grass

No mud, no mess is more than just a promise with our high-quality artificial grass. With perforated backing and holes every 10 centimetres, homeowners living in heavy rainfall areas will never have to contend with muddy footprints being trekked into the home. Easigrass™ is designed to withstand the rigours of winter weather and offers UV protection for those blistering South African summers. Having an outdoor surface that closely resembles the look and feel of natural grass, even in winter, is one way to ensure your outdoor space looks cosy and inviting during the chilly months.

Add Warmth With Lighting

With the sun setting earlier in winter, your outdoor space can sometimes look dark and eerie. Decorative lighting helps add ambience while drawing your eyes outdoors and making your indoor space look larger. Floodlights may be a great way to illuminate your garden, but it doesn’t help if you’re trying to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The tone and warmth of your lighting also play an essential role in contributing to the atmosphere of your garden. A good idea is to choose outdoor features that are warm-toned. LED string lights and lanterns are excellent options to ensure your space is inviting during the winter evenings.

Add a Cosy Shelter

If you love enjoying a glass of wine outside while watching the rain fall, then incorporating a shelter into your outdoor space is a great idea. This is an excellent way to maximise comfort and usability, and it’s also a big trend this season. A pergola or gazebo are large structures that can provide shelter from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space even when it’s raining. Alternatively, a waterproof patio umbrella can be a more affordable way to provide shelter during the cooler months.

Maintain Your Outdoor Space

One of the best ways to ensure a cosy space this winter is by regularly maintaining your garden. This allows you to sustain the beauty and functionality of your space, and it’s a great way to ensure your artificial grass remains in tip-top shape for years to come. Because debris, leaves and other organic material tend to accumulate throughout the colder months, it’s best to remove this to help maintain the lush appearance of your grass and outdoor space, while preventing organic matter from decomposing and leading to pests and unpleasant odours. The Easigrass™ team is equipped to handle all your artificial grass needs, including maintenance. From our professional lawn inspection to the removal of waste, you can rest assured your space will be cosy and spic-n-span throughout winter.

A Cosy Winter with Easigrass™

Artificial grass provides a durable and low-maintenance solution during winter. Not only does it help create a space that’s warm and inviting, but it eliminates the inconveniences that come with maintaining regular turf.

Easigrass’ range of award-winning products look and feel like the real thing, and when combined with its durability and versatile design options, it offers a convenient way to create a cosy space during the winter months.

Looking to create an outdoor space that’s perfect for relaxation and enjoyment this winter? Contact an Easigrass partner near you today for a free quote.