artificial grass durability

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

Whether it’s for a backyard, a golf putting green or a rooftop terrace, artificial grass is a significant investment in your home or office, so it’s a good question to ask how many years it will last, to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.


Each manufacturer is different

Each individual artificial grass manufacturer should be able to give you an indication of how long your turf will last. With Easigrass, our award-winning artificial grass comes with an 8 year warranty, but is known to surpass this. In fact, some customers have had their grass for 20 to 30 years.


You get what you pay for

What’s most important to remember here is that not all artificial grass is created equal. As with most products, there are different varieties that use different materials and processes. For example, fake grass that you purchase from a low-end budget retailer is going to be vastly different in quality and lifespan when compared to a high quality synthetic turf that is professionally installed.

Artificial grass is just like a carpet, with fibres that are woven into a base and held in place. How well these fibres are woven determines how long the fibres will hold. Cheap artificial grass will have a poor single-layer backing and will start to come loose over time. It will also lose its thickness, and become flat and worn out. High quality artificial grass such as Easigrass, has a double layer on the back, making it more durable, and able to maintain its “pristine lawn” appeal throughout the years.


UV protection

The sun’s rays (and we have plenty of those in sunny South Africa) is one of the main culprits in degrading artificial grass. This is why it’s vital to look for artificial grass with UV inhibitors which protect against sun damage. You can be assured that all of our synthetic grass products have UV protection applied to them to withstand the intensity of the sun’s rays. An added bonus is that they’re free from harmful chemicals too.



Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good DIY just as much as everyone else, but when it comes to something like installing artificial grass, you want to ensure it’s done 100% correctly with absolutely no room for error. Some of the most common pitfalls with causing artificial grass not to last are poor drainage, sinking spots from a weak base, and edges not being held down properly – all of which can be prevented by leaving it in the capable hands of the professionals.


Maintenance is key

If you want to reap the rewards of your investment and ensure your turf truly goes the distance, maintenance is key. Thankfully, one of the joys and benefits of having artificial grass is that it requires minimal maintenance. However, just like any other surface, it is prone to spillage, stains and accumulating debri, but maintaining it needn’t be a chore if you follow a few simple steps that we’ve outlined in our Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide.

We also recommend scheduling professional maintenance where an Easigrass professional visits every six – 12 months, not only to ensure your warranty isn’t compromised, it also keeps your beautiful synthetic turf looking as lovely and smelling as the day you installed it!