Tips for Taking Care of Your Artificial Grass in Winter

Tips for Taking Care of Your Artificial Grass in Winter

One of the primary reasons homeowners choose artificial grass is its year-round durability. Natural grass doesn’t do well when temperatures plummet, which leaves your garden looking brown and patchy. Whether your province has to contend with heavy rain or freeze, synthetic turf can withstand the harsh weather elements thrown at it, remaining lush and vibrant. While your turf requires minimal upkeep, it does require some maintenance to ensure it remains in tip-top condition for many winters.

Here are our tips for maintaining your artificial grass in winter:

Clear Debris

Muddy footprints and leaves are synonymous with the winter months. Unfortunately, as leaves fall from trees and dirt accumulates on your synthetic turf, it can cause unnecessary damage if not removed regularly. Removing leaves, twigs, and other debris with a stiff brush or leaf blower will help prevent the buildup of this organic matter. You can give your artificial grass some much-needed TLC every two weeks to ensure it looks clean and vibrant during winter.

Brush Fibres

The key to ensuring your artificial grass looks like a million bucks? A good brush! Regular brushing helps keep your grass fibres upright and prevents matting. Infill is placed between the grass blades and is used to support and maintain the natural look of your turf. Regular brushing helps distribute this infill so it doesn’t compact, promoting proper drainage and preventing water from pooling on the surface. Use a soft bristle brush or plastic rake and brush in different directions to ensure an even appearance. Regularly doing this will maintain your lawn’s natural look throughout winter.

Inspect for Damage

While Easigrass™ is designed to be durable, accidents do happen. Whether it’s placing the braai too close to your artificial grass or running with sharp objects and unknowingly slicing and damaging your turf, it’s always best to periodically inspect your artificial lawn for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Look for loose seams, tears, or spots where the infill might have shifted. It’s always advised to address any minor issues immediately to prevent them from becoming major problems. Contact your local Easigrass™ team, and we’ll ensure your lawn is back to its original condition!

Contact the Professionals

The benefit of having artificial grass is that you don’t have to lift a finger! Opting for professional maintenance is a great way to ensure your lawn lasts for years while also maintaining its performance. Our team of professionals can identify any potential problems, remove waste matter and give your grass an intense professional clean with the latest cleaning technology. We recommend a minimum of one visit every six months to ensure your artificial grass remains as perfect as the day it was installed.

Winter & Artificial Grass FAQs

Does Heavy Rain Affect Artificial Grass?

Part of the reason artificial grass works so well in winter is due to its excellent drainage system. With holes every 10 centimetres, artificial turf allows water to seep into the soil, preventing the formation of puddles or accumulation on the surface. This ensures your garden is puddle and mud-free, even during heavy downpours. You will also never have to worry about heavy rains damaging your artificial grass, as Easigrass™ products are designed to be durable and will not deteriorate when exposed to large amounts of water or harsh natural elements.

Can You Install Artificial Grass in Winter?

While warmer weather is a great time to transform your outdoor space into your personal paradise, artificial turf’s versatility ensures it can be installed throughout the year. The Easigrass™ team is equipped to navigate the challenges that may come up when installing artificial grass, ensuring your lawn installation is of the highest quality.

Artificial grass is the perfect companion during the winter months, ensuring your garden remains vibrant and puddle-free. With proper maintenance and high-quality products, you can enjoy the beauty of your garden without dreaming of summer.

Contact the Easigrass™ team today to turn your space into a winter wonderland!