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Summer Heat and Your Artificial Grass

While fake grass may heat up slightly more than natural grass, it does not get as hot as paving. It may not be as cool as natural grass in the blazing sun, but then again, artificial grass does not get muddy the way ‘real’ grass does. Advances in product technology also mean that unlike the first generation of fake grass to be manufactured, huge strides have been made regarding heat absorption. With a sensible approach, this means you can enjoy your synthetic grass all year round, while the same is unlikely to be true of natural grass.

So, how hot does artificial grass get?

Does artificial grass get hot? Yes, but not to the point where it burns your feet or is an out-and-out hazard. While it may be true that natural grass will be cooler on a very hot day, high quality synthetic turf will not heat up to the extent that it will burn you. Even in very hot climates globally, there have not been complaints about synthetic turf heating up so much that it is painful to the touch, provided that a good quality product and installation have been used.

Does artificial grass get too hot for dogs or pets?

A good quality fake grass, like Easigrass, is designed to self-regulate when absorbing heat, and can cool down in a very short space of time. Your dog or pet should not have problems walking on it, but as with any other surface, this should be tested. You would not allow your dog or pet to walk on the pavement when the sun is scorching, and in the same way you should also check the heat of your turf.

It is also always a good idea to create shade for any surface. Try to install an awning or detachable shade canopy for those very hot days to create shade for both you and your furry friends.

Thanks to the advances in technology, there are fake grass options available that will stay cool even in summer, and designed specifically to ensure your pet remains comfortable. Speak to your installer for all your options.

How to cool your fake grass if it heats up too much

The first practical point of departure is to retain any shade-bearing trees or structures. You may be tempted to cut that tree that sheds its leaves all the time, but this is the same tree that will give you shade on the hottest day.

Awnings also go a long way towards shielding you from the worst of the sun. Not only do they provide shade directly below, but they will also cast shade further than their perimeter, acting as cooling agents for big patches of synthetic turf.

The easiest way to manage heat on any given day, is to sprinkle down your fake lawn with water. Turning on your sprinkler for just a few minutes will do the trick! You can also hose down your grass.

As your fake lawn absorbs the water it will cool down and remember, the bonus is that it won’t get muddy or sticky in the way real grass would! It also helps that the water required to keep your fake grass fine, is by far less than the water required to keep natural grass looking great.

Over the long term, your fake grass will still give you more outdoor pleasure than natural grass, at a fraction of the price.