Tips To Clean Spills & Stains From Your Artificial Grass

Tips To Clean Spills & Stains From Your Artificial Grass

More homeowners are saying “yes” to artificial grass, and it’s all thanks to its low maintenance and affordability features. Gone are the days when you wasted hours mowing your grass or mulling over how to tackle those unsightly brown patches.

Along with these incredible benefits, artificial grass is stain-resistant, ensuring a pristine lawn all year round. However, life can be messy, and accidents do happen. Stains and spills are a natural part of life, especially when you have rambunctious pets and curious tots ready to tip over anything.

To help you tackle these issues when they arise, here are a few tips and tools to help ensure your artificial grass remains pristine, despite stains and spills:

Use Mild Dish Soap

Whether the kids have opted to enjoy a beautiful summer’s day outside eating and messing their lunch on the grass, or you’ve taken a tumble and spilt a glass of wine, a simple solution to ensure your artificial grass remains in tip-top condition is to soak up any excess liquid and clean it with water and mild dish soap. Mild dish soap, such as those used for hand washing, can help lift away and break down various types of stains, including food, beverages, and organic matter. It can also help with grease or oil-based stains. Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with water and use a soft-bristle brush or clean cloth to gently scrub the stain.

Use a Vinegar Solution

A big feature of artificial grass is its stain-resistant capabilities, which means you’ll have no problem removing even the toughest stains. However, if you have managed to spill oil and grease on your artificial lawn, it may be time to whip out a more effective home solution for cleaning stubborn stains – vinegar. White vinegar is a natural, non-toxic cleaning agent that’s great for the environment and your artificial grass. It has natural deodorising properties that help neutralise and eliminate persistent odours, making it useful for pet urine stains and other tough spills and stains. A 50-50 mix of white vinegar and water should dissolve the residue, followed by a quick rinse with the hose pipe.

Dealing with Pet Waste

We know your four-legged companion will love artificial grass as much as you do! While dealing with pet waste comes with the territory of being a pet owner, it doesn’t take much to clean your artificial grass once your pet has done their business. Make sure you pick up solid waste and dispose of it as you would normally. Easigrass™ offers a nano-technology bio enzyme spray to assist with pet waste decomposition and aid in minimising any smells that may occur. This spray, among all our EasiWash products, is pet and child-friendly. While artificial grass provides excellent drainage, you can get rid of urine smells by giving your grass a quick rinse with the hose.

Dos & Don’ts of Cleaning Your Artificial Grass

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals, bleach, or strong acids on your artificial grass, as they can damage the synthetic fibres and cause discolouration.

Do Groom Regularly: Use a stiff brush or a power broom to groom the grass fibres regularly. Brushing against the grain can help the blades stand upright, ensuring a more natural look and preventing matting.

Do Use a Blower: This will allow you to clear any leaves and debris to ensure your artificial lawn looks pristine year-round.

Do Use Our EasiPong Spray: A few sprays every once in a while will help keep your outdoor area fresh and clean.

The Biggest DO: Take Advantage of Artificial Grass Maintenance

While artificial grass is a low-maintenance solution for a vibrant and beautiful-looking lawn, it does require some TLC to remain in excellent condition all year round. Our team of experts at Easigrass™ are ready to lend a helping hand when it comes to maintaining your artificial lawn.

Whether you have a special occasion coming up and need a quick brush or you need an intense professional lawn cleaning, our team is always on hand to help transform your garden into a green and clean outdoor paradise.

We recommend a minimum of one visit every six months. Here’s what you can expect when you take advantage of our Easi-maintenance package:

  • Professional lawn inspection
  • Vegetation and waste matter removal
  • Professional lawn clean
  • Revitalising grass pile brushing


Choosing to upgrade your lawn with artificial grass can provide you with the freedom and convenience every homeowner deserves. With these simple tips and tricks in your arsenal, your turf is sure to remain vibrant year-round.

Whether you’re ready to level up your garden or take advantage of our maintenance plan, speak to your local Easigrass™ partner today!